Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wind, weather, etc

November is quickly winding down and I have no excuses (that means lots) for not posting more often.

Around here the leaves have finally begun to drop and the wind has been blowing hard. I've been out a few times. Took out a gaggle of kids once and then with just my own boy.

Squirrels are out there, but competing with the wind and the leaves has been difficult. Throw in a dash of rain and sickness, and brew it up into a tough start tot the season.

All in all, my head count is ten going into the holiday.

A few pics;

Slogging through the woods.

Squirrel trying to eat my hand.

Gorgeous fall colors.

Latest catch. This is a good sized male gray.


Dan said...

That's a big squirrel!!!! Psyched your gonna start posting more...I really enjoy reading your log. When you hawk squirrels....do you beat brush at all, or do you just walk around and shake the occasional vine? I just BARELY discovered the goodness of squirrel hawkin before I released my bird last year, so never really got "roling" if you will (compared to rabbits....I'm confident that I can put rabbits under my bird all day long, but still learning about squirrels). I have never been out hawking with a "squirrel" guy, so I'm just sorta winging it. Any advice would be sweet! Take it easy Doug

Doug said...

Hey Dan,

I'm always willing to answer questions. The best thing is to get your bird experience. Start in young woods (pines are good) without too many holes and limited ground cover.

I find squirrel hunting exciting because it is happening all around you. Out East here, the rabbit cover is so thick you miss almost the whole chase. With squirrels you see it.

As I meander through the woods, I shake everything in hopes of getting a squirrel moving.

Glad to have you here and shoot any questions you may have my way.

Dan said...

For a bird that is aleady keyed in on ground game, would you still kick all the brush, or would you limit your activities to vines, etc....things that are more "tree" oriented, as opposed to "ground" oriented (so that he would realize we are hunting things in trees, and that he needs to be looking up)? It could be that I am just over thinking it, and just need to get him out in squirrel territory? Last year, we just started catching squirrels....didn't "do" anything, b/c she just started hawking them when the chance arrived...I think this little guy is actually going to take some effort....

Doug said...

Dan - I'll go ahead and write a post on this topic in the next couple of days.

Dan said...

You sir, are a gentleman! Thanks