Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fighting the break

Our little strip of land has been having quite the roller coaster of weather, limiting my hunting time. Wind, Wind, wind.

fortunately, we have had time to get out and do other things.

Took the dogs for a jaunt through the woods. I don't do this enough - let them off lead to just run (and smell, and mark). You can see the elation in the way they act.

We found all kinds of holes - mostly in logs - and they were all thoroughly investigated.

No one home.

Later in the week the wind whipped even harder, and that storm that whipped up the east coast decided to settle in.

The storm died down leaving about four inches of snow. Haven't had this much in ten years. I finally was able to get out hunting.

That will be a story for another day.


Dan said...

What?!?!?! They just keep getting bigger!!!!

Doug said...

I know - it's crazy! But most of the ones I catch have been in the 425 - 450 range.

This guy was hog fat and could barely run.