Sunday, October 25, 2009

The grand plan

Well, the grand scheme to go hunting this weekend did not come to fruition. Dagnabbit. The cold front that came through the beginning of the week didn't last, and by Wednesday the daytime temps were in the 80's again. The hawk's weight stagnated.

I did get them out this weekend, and Tess would have been ready to go. I flew her on the creance a few times and her recall was impeccable, even at a higher weight than I flew her last year. Butwith the wind blowing, and her weight a bit high still, I didn't want to take the chance yet. a few more grams of weight loss for good measure and we'll be there.

On the flip side, gonzo was still 40 grams high, and losing weight very slowly. I tried him on the creance, but he is still pretty squirrely. He would wait and look around when I blew the whistle, then he would fly to the fist, only to rake off at the last second. I would lower him to the ground with the creance, and then he would skip to me across the yard.

He needs to drop the rest of that weight, but I think, if the 25 mph wind dies down, Tess is ready to roll anytime.

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