Friday, October 30, 2009

New Box

I spent some time making a new Box for the birds. I had a triple box that fit in the back of my pick-up, but the wood I used did not handle the elements well and began to come apart. I also wanted a box that could be moved around if needed.

This one is bigger than boxes I have built in the past. I like it, but I don't know that the added weight is worth the increase in size.


steveo_uk said...

how heavy is it. I made mine out of luan with a 1/2 frame to screw to. It weighs 11lbs in total.

Doug said...

I haven't weighed it, but it is made out of plywood and it is HEAVY.

Luan works well. I Made kestrel box out of that and it has held up just fine.

I have another one that I am replacing the door on made from Chloroplast. It is a double and very light. I'll put up a picture of that one when I'm all finished.