Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I wonder how he feels about peregrines

Anybody, I mean anybody, can love birds.
Read it all here.

"Mike Tyson and Animal Planet? They don't seem to go together, do they?" said Tyson. According to the N.Y. Post, the former heavyweight champ owns "a few hundred birds" at lofts in New Jersey and Brooklyn.

The Birdman of Boxing will be racing pigeons on his new Animal Planet show, "Taking on Tyson."


steveo_uk said...

I read this artical yesterday and thought it was interesting that he had got into this, Perhaps some NY Falconers could take him hawking.

Isaac said...

It seems like I read somewhere that Tyson got into boxing because bullies were pestering him about his pigeons when he was a kid and he wanted to defend himself!

Don't think I'd argue with him if my peregrine took out one of his pigeons and he wanted me to compensate him for it though...

Doug said...

I think it is probably best to let Tyson be Tyson. I actually commend him for working with the birds - it makes him seem more human.

What made me angry was the talking heads on the news this morning making snide remarks about Why anyone would be keeping pigeons ("you mean those birds in the park?") when they had no concept over what the sport is about or why pigeon fanciers are involved in the birds at all.