Saturday, March 13, 2010

On the nightstand

I'm studying for a big "teacher thing" and my bookshelf is fairly bare of anything real intersting, but I just finished a great book.

The Old Man and the Boy was given to me by an older coworker. I don't know that he hunts, but he does appreciate good humor and wisdom.

What a great book. It is not an "on the edge of your seat" thriller. It is a story about hunting and the ties between a boy and his grandfather. Its a series of poignant, nostalgic stories. It is about how information, manners, and southern tradition is passed through generations.

It is written about a different time and must be taken in context. Women are treated differently than today, but the men's manners are better.

Amazon writes:
This classic captures the endearing relationship between a man and his grandson as they fish and hunt the lakes and woods of North Carolina. All the while the Old Man acts as teacher and guide, passing on his wisdom and life experiences to the boy, who listens in rapt fascination.

If you hunt - especially if you hunt on the east coast - read this book. If you are a son, a grandson, or a father who thinks passing on a tradition of outdoor field sports is important - read this book.


Albert A Rasch said...


A classic, and well worth the read! You also need to get "The Old Man's Boy Gets Older." Ruark's writing is just so down to earth without being patronizing, and the lessons and morals are priceless!

Best regards,

Doug said...

I agree Albert - it's just good. I'll be checking out his other work.