Friday, April 16, 2010

Digging on dogs

There are a couple of good articles over at Born to Track about digging on groundhog and fox. They are using dachshunds to dig, but everything else is essentially the same as the way we use terriers. I especially like the one by teddy Moritz. Her dogs are versatile as she uses them for both groundhog as well as under her harris hawks.

Digging woodchucks with dachshunds

by Teddy Moritz

The woodchuck, or groundhog is a seven to ten pound rodent which lives in dens it digs in soil. A large groundhog can be up to 15 pounds, usually in September when it has eaten all summer and is getting ready to hibernate. This solid little species of marmot eats mainly vegetation and thrives on farm crops of all kinds, including orchard fruit. It will eat the bark of young trees and is not above some meat in its diet occasionally. It breeds early in the year and there are four to six pups, cared for solely by the mother animal.

Because it is considered an agricultural pest almost everywhere it is found, the groundhog has few supporters and is controlled by many methods. Most game departments consider the groundhog a varmint, therefore permitting them to be dispatched at any time, while other state game agencies set generous seasons. It is wise to check game laws if you are considering digging groundhogs with your dachshunds. Also, be aware that some states, particularly those which list the groundhog as a game animal, have laws forbidding digging animals out of their dens. These laws were originally aimed at people who dug fox out of dens, but those who wanted to dig groundhogs also ran afoul of these laws. Try to find a farmer who will let you do 'pest control' on his farm and you'll be set. Or talk to horse breeders, they always want the groundhogs out of their pastures.

Teddy writes well. Take a minute to check out the rest of the article.

You'll also find Moritz over at Terrierman. Here is a link to another peice of writing. She definitely loves her dachshunds and Ihear they are great little dogs.

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