Sunday, April 4, 2010

Would the world be better if we were vegan?

Well, apparently not. It doesn't look like it makes much difference at all. Instead, we need to stop consuming so much.

ScienceDaily (Apr. 1, 2010) — If everyone became vegan and so ate only fruit and vegetables, then the reduction in greenhouse emissions for the whole of food consumption would be a mere 7%. The widespread adoption of vegetarianism would have even less impact, while organic food production actually leads to a net increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Those are the conclusions of a research paper published in the journal Progress in Industrial Ecology.

So, eat meat, get less stuff - read the rest here.


Tovar Cerulli said...

Interesting story, Doug. Thanks for the link!

GardenGoddess said...

There are so many reasons I like you! Add meat eater to the list! LOL Have you heard they are starting to see bears at Alligator River...very exciting!! I have been looking on Ballahack Rd in Chesapeake in my drives back and forth ready with camera...but it's like shells, when you bring a shell bag to the find nothing!

Doug said...

Bears have been there for a long time - though you do have to look. Traci has the luck though, she's seen the most. Check out our encounter last summer.

Doug said...


I was surprised by the findings. Big picture - I think we need to move closer to sustainability.