Friday, August 6, 2010

Harris hawks and sparrows

When I take the hawks out and hunt edges of fields, Gonzo often gets distracted. Like most male harris hawks, Gonzo is swift off the fist (and out the car window) and he does well chasing small birds in the high grass. Gonzo especially liked chasing those giant flying grasshoppers.

While I don't necessarily condone these activities, it is awfully fun to watch.

This is a video of a harris hawk flying sparrows. Turn the volume down a bit as the music is a bit loud.

Male Harris at Grassland Sparrow from Slope Hawker on Vimeo.


steveo_uk said...

My mentor is the same, lots of grasshopers and sparrows early in the season. Its fun to watch till the 50ths grasshopper

Isaac said...

Fun video. When I lived in Japan I flew my male Harris on sparrows just about every day. The Japanese thought I was crazy, that Harris' couldn't catch sparrows and I sure wanted to prove them wrong! I only ever caught one, but we sure had fun trying! Good memories.

Doug said...

It is fun watching the twisting and turning in mid air. They are so much fun. Isaac - you know you want one.

Trapping season is just around the corner.