Monday, August 2, 2010

Tunnel completed

I finished the go-to-ground tunnel today. Using the remaining bits of plywood and some scrap I had laying around, I added a 'T' , a three foot pipe, and a den. No one could ever accuse me of being a carpenter, but the finished product should be serviceable.

All of the parts are able to be turned so that the whole tunnel can be rearranged into different designs. I set it up on the edge of the yard while Gordon investigated.

He didn't enter, and I didn't encourage him either.

Once I had it set up, I decided to see what Gordon would think.

I loaded up the den section with some used bedding from the rabbit cage and a third of a hot dog.

Then I loaded up one section of pipe with a wall of dirt and sand.

Gordon had been running the short tunnel pretty easily lately, I was wondering how he would do with the new twists, turns, and obstacles.

He entered at the tunnel at the T. I had to coax him at first, but then he was in and running.

Pat, pat, pat, his paws thumped through the tunnel. He ignored the dead end tunnel and headed straight for the den. Some tasty smells should have been eminateing from their as it was full of the used bedding.

I forgot to fasten down the trap door and it started to pop open as he trundled through. I held it closed with my foot.

Then Gordon started to dig. I could hear him in there, and dirt was being pushed out of the seams of the tunnel. Go, dog, go.

He paused once to rest, then finished the job. Next thing I knew he was tearing up the den, and chomping down on some well earned hot dog.

We repeated the exercise a few more times. He did awesome. I've got the trap out for a squirrel to see how Gordon likes that. In the meantime, I'm going to pick up a rat and see if that helps to make more positive associations.

It was a good exercise.


Chris said...

This was a very interesting read for someone like myself which has enjoyed training bird dogs and labrador retrievers but never have i heard of the intricate details as mentioned in your posting of training squirrel dogs and trenchers.

Neat and informative post for me.


Doug said...

Before I had a terrier - I never even knew that people hunted dogs this way. I really enjoy the human dog interaction.

Thanks for stopping by!