Monday, February 2, 2009

Crap, crap, crap

We had a great time last night watching the super-bowl. There were friends, family, the kids - good snacks, and the Steelers won. But during the first quarter, there was some dog drama.

Murphy didn't like what one of the other dogs was doing and she went after the other dog, in this case - Gracie. Gracie is our 8 year old miniature schnauzer. She is a great little lap-dog, friendly and loving, but not much help in the field. Hawks seem to think she is a prey item. I think it has a lot to do with her demeanor. She's, ah- well, meek.

Well, Murphy got over excited or something and decided to take out Gracie. Murphy lunged across the room and took her by the back of the neck and started shaking her like Gracie was a groundhog. Gracie squealed and screeched, while three people dove in to separate them.

I was changing the garbage bag in the other room. I got there when I heard the noise. I pulled Murphy off the ground, choking her off of Gracie.

I put her in her crate. Gracie hid in the corner of the couch, bleeding from neck and ear. Rich's hand was gouged in two places. He looked like he needed stitches in the back of his hand, but we cleaned him up and bandaged him. Then we finished watching the game.

I had to take Rich to the medical center today for shots. Animal control needed to be alerted about the dog bite. Now Murphy is on house arrest (quarantine) and I don't know what to do.

If Murph' had grabbed the puppy, it would be dead. If the kids had tried to stop the dogs, what would have happened? My wife is nervous, and we are exploring our options.

This isn't the first time Murphy has done this. She used to do it a lot when she was a pup, but now it is less frequent, but more violent.

What if it happens when the kids are home by themselves? What the heck can I do?

Thanks for listening.

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