Friday, August 7, 2009

Bird fix

When falconry season is over and I hang up my gauntlet for the season, I try to stay involved with the birds in a variety of ways. generally, I will leave my own birds alone for the moult. Sometimes we participate in educational programs at summer camps and such, but mostly, the birds hang out by themselves, relatively stress free while they grow their new feathers.

Instead, I involve myself in the lives of other birds. I do this by checking out the myriad of web cams posted throughout the world. I often will put the live cams up on the big screen at school for the kids to watch during the school day in the spring. for many, this may be as close to wild interaction that they will get.

There are a few cams that are still operational at this late date as it seems some falcons are still hanging around the nest. Check out the Richmond falcon cam.

Here is another great site that has listings for all kinds of birds all over the world. Again, it's late in the season, but you may want to bookmark for next spring.

Rochester falcon cam.

New York Kestrel cam

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