Sunday, August 30, 2009

Getting ready games

I don't remember who coined the term, but it fits. These are the games one engages in whilst getting ready for the main event. Fly fisherman tie flies, bow hunters practice their shot, bird hunters shoot clays. We all have our things. My father is home right now making his own bullets in preparation for elk.

Falconry, of course, had its own games. Some would consider trapping one of those. I do not, I think trapping is an art all unto itself. So, what would an ancient art like falconry need to get ready.

Most of it involves making the supplies necessary to be prepared for the season. I am no artist when it comes to falconry supplies. There are many who are. My equipment is serviceable and that is about all. But I know what works for me.

Tonight I made some Jesses. These are the thin strips of leather that attach to the anklets on the hawk. These are large, as Andrew is hoping to possibly get a large red tail if the peregrine trapping doesn't work out.

I looked through my supplies and found that much of what I have is old. I need to make some more supplies.

Anyway - Here I took some leather and cut it into strips.

I fold over the edge and then punch a hole in it, then I thread the end back through to create a button.

I punch holes in the end so that I can thread a clip through it, and there I have two completed Jesses.

I need to make a few more sets of these along with the anklets, I could try to make a hood, but that seems silly as I don't use them. (Some people out there are gasping at that, but I've never had the need)

I also need to start thinking about what I need if I trap a merlin. Hmmmm So much to do.

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