Monday, August 17, 2009

You read this?

I was at work today when a coworker asked me if my summer was as good as it seemed from reading the blog. It always seems strange to know that real people, people from work, might actually read my blog.

Though I can't wait for fall, and my hunting season, the short answer to "was my summer great" is yes.

I'm going to post just a few sample pictures.

Off road Hummer tour outside of Moab

Checking out Arches National Park.

Traci takes pictures.

We rode horses out West. The scenery could not have been more appropriate.

And the view from the hotel was spectacular.

Then we took rafts down the Colorado, through Cataract Canyon. We camped along the edge, and jumped from the cliffs.

In some of the biggest rapids of the trip (Big Drop 2), We flipped our raft and had to swim down the lower part of big drop. It was thrilling, amazing, etc, etc.

Before now the kids had never been west of Pennsylvania. The best part of the trip was seeing the kids experiencing things that they had never imagined before. They knew what we were doing, yet they had no concept of what rafting meant, or class 4 rapids, or what a desert looked like.
even the flight out of the canyon was awesome!

I have tried to explain the trip to others, but you can't explain it to anyone who hasn't been there. Go. If you get the chance - GO!

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Isaac said...

Thanks for that post. We westerns occasionally take what we've got for granted. It is pretty awesome out here!

Come again sometime!