Monday, November 16, 2009

It is a trend

Making animal waste into energy just makes sense. I mean, seriously, we have an endless supply of it, why not put it to some good use?

It seems that the more time that goes on, the more we see poop being converted into a useful energy source. The latest nation to jump on board this new green trend in alternative energy is the Netherlands with the opening of a cow dung powered plant this Friday.

The plant is located in a more rural area where there is a big farming industry, including a dairy plant which is already making its own contribution to local sustainability. Now, it’s really making a contribution to the community, since the dairy cows’ dung is being converted into biogas that will provide heat to approximately 1,100 homes in the area. The manure, which will be fermented with grass, will also fuel the new thermal plant’s wind turbines.

Hat tip to Cool Green Science for this one. You can read the rest here.

Cow picture comes from here.

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