Saturday, February 6, 2010

Disproportianately proud

With yet another weekend storm rolling in and the wind gusting up, I decided to take the dogs out for a long stroll in the woods. The wind was blowing too hard to fly the birds, but a long walk in the woods was in order.

It was just Graci, Gordon, & I. The woods were wet and squishy. The low spots were all underwater, and where we were walking, the mountain bikers had been working on clearing a riding trail.

I have been encouraging the dogs to investigate holes and sniff around spots where I would expect to find squirrel sign. They were right in there with me. We don't have groundhogs here, so even though Gordon has had the opportunity to do some go to ground work with Patrick, around here, he never sees a groundhog hole.

Stock photo of Terrierman's Mountain in a hole.

To be honest, his last performance on groundhogs was less than stellar. I was disappointed actually. He didn't want to get into the holes like Patrick's dogs, and wasn't into the digging.

I do think he will get better, but he needs more exposure.

Anyway, today he was investigating every hole, digging through rotting logs, and acting like he was hunting.

At one point he wiggled himself up under a root ball of a tree and started digging with abandon. I would have taken a picture, but I forgot the camera. He didn't want to leave his excavation. graci got in there to help. They kept digging and wiggling their way in. I was trying to come in from the other side by pushing through the root ball with a stick, when Gordon emerges with a small rat in his mouth. He shook it and killed it straight out. He pranced.

I praised him. I'm not even so proud about the kill, but more proud with the gusto in which he pursued it.

Watch out Terrierman, here we come.


PBurns said...

Go Gordon!

He has it in him. I have seen it. He needs to start with rats (and maybe a squirrel in a critter box which he can chase when it is released). If he find stuff in the ground five or six times (how about a barn with rats?), the penny will drop and there will be not stopping him. He's a keeper!


Doug said...

Falconry season is about over so I will have more time to devote to his training. I'm planning on taking the chapter out of your book and making him a tunnel. I agree - I do think he's gonna get it.