Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I've said it before. The single best thing an outdoorsmen, hunter, fisherman, can do to further the cause of outdoor recreation in today's society is to educate the masses. Get out and talk about your sport in a positive light. It is really important for the public to be able to see real sportsman and ethical hunting. Then they can put a face to oppose any misinformation that is out there.

Let's face it, non-hunters don't read hunting blogs. Most farmers don't think too much about the hawks that are worrying their chickens - they often just shoot them. It can help if we bring these issues out into the open so that people can see them.

I spent the other day at the Williamston, Farm Show. It was a good day. I got to speak to a lot of every day folks about raptors, falconry, and conservation. These were real people who work in the dirt with their hands and judge the passing of time in growing seasons. Good people.

I spoke with old farmers, young kids, and even got to do a quick radio interview about falconry. Fun stuff, and I'll definitely do it again.

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