Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Does the Heart Good


Over the weekend we started with snow - which is real exciting here, but before the day really began - it all turned to snow. It rained all the rest of the weekend. I was able to get the camera trap set back up again, in a new spot, but all other outdoor work came to a halt.

the kids had friends over. The hawks stayed in their weathering area. I wanted to hawk in the snow - but it was not to be.

I wanted to hawk on Monday. But no.

Today - rain

The kids had friends over this weekend, and while it was cold the rain was somewhat intermittent - they decided to spend as much time as they could outdoors.

Remember when we were kids and we left the house in the morning - then didn't get home until the next feeding time.

Instead of my boys and their friends playing video games all morning, that's what the kids did. They left early and played in the woods until it was feeding time. It made me proud.

They spent most of the time looking through the woods for animal sign.

I don't know exactly where they went.

I found the evidence later. Trail cam pictures.

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