Tuesday, June 29, 2010

That's why it's hunting

When I made the arrangements, the long term forecast said their would be a dip in the high temps last Thursday. By the time the day arrived and I was driving up to meet Patrick, they had changed their tune.

Record highs.......

Oh well, we'll be hunting in the woods, and if it gets too hot - we quit.

I met Patrick (aka Terrierman) Thursday morning to take the terriers out for groundhog. It's something we'd done before on several occasions. Historically, I haven't had groundhogs where I live, though they seem to be moving in, so I travel up his way to give my little terrier experience and time in the field.

Gordon is new at this, but I think he'll eventually do well.

Anyway, we set off in at about eight and the temperature was already over 80. We wandered along the river looking for holes. This whole area was easy walking when Patrick scouted it last winter, but now, it was overgrown and thick with brier, rose, and poison ivy.

The dogs scouted the ground, looking for holes - and we found lots. But no one was home. We gamboled through the heavy brush all morning, but we couldn't locate a single critter. We hunted.

And we hunted.

And the temperature kept creeping up.

At this point, afternoon sends our day into a tailspin, with heat and exhaustion, and lost dogs.

I can't possibly tell the tale as well as Patrick has. Read his post, it's a long one.

All else said. I would do the day all over again.

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