Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Are you the Problem?

There is a great discussion over at The Mindful Carnivore. "When Hunters Ruin the Hunt" is about the ethics of hunting and how hunters are seen in the eyes of much of the public. Tovar closes his post with these words.

When I consider the future of hunting—how it will fare in the public eye, and what meaning it will have for generations to come—it’s not anti-hunters I worry about.

The post is excellently written, as usual for Tovar, and thought provoking.

Check it out -weigh in.


Tovar said...

Thanks much for mentioning my blog again, Doug! It has been great to hear so many people chime in on that discussion.

Funny thing: I use the Niff-T-Seat pictured above. It's a great little piece of gear.

Doug said...


My pleasure - There is a lot of good, thoughtful writing going on over there. Keep it up.