Friday, July 9, 2010

Change of focus

It's mid July - the height of my lack of falconry.

But three things happened just recently that has made me reevaluate my state of mind right now.

Normally, by now depression has set in. If you haven't read much about falconry and falconers - the sport is often described not as a hobby - but more of a life style. Some even go so far to say that it becomes an addiction.

I lean more towards addiction. For many, when you are not hunting, your thinking about it, yearning for it. For many, your looking for your next fix.

This time of year is the depressing doldrums of nothingness.

But three things happened just lately to change my focus.

1. Changes in the laws
I got a call from Andrew the other day. He is my former apprentice and friend. We hunt together most of the time. Anyway - he had been involved in some legislative wrangling and he called to tell me that Sunday hunting for falconry may become a reality in the coming season. yoo - hoo!

2. Mail
I got a letter from Fish and Wildlife renewing my propagation permit. While the letter was welcome, it made me realize that my raptor breeding has been a bust again this year. Neither of the birds seemed in the least bit interested in pursuing each other romantically. I need to close the door between their cages and start monitoring their weight again.

3. Call
I got a call from someone over the weekend. He lives a few towns over and has been "interested in falconry his whole life". It looks like I may be getting an apprentice. This will only be my second in my falconry career - but I kind of live on the end of the earth. He isn't in a position to trap a bird this fall, so the next year will be devoted to studying his books and building his facilities. He'll be spending the winter hunting with Andrew and I - and figuring out if this is what he wants to do.

What's it all mean?

It's time to get ready. Really, falconry season is just around the corner. Trapping begins in less than two months, squirrel season opens soon after.

Time to get permission to hunt on other people's land.

Time to get out the nets and BCs and trapping equipment.

Time to start securing bait animals (I can never trap enough starlings).

Time to order leather and make new equipment.

Time to figure out what birds I want to fly next year - Do I want a falcon?

So much to do - it's time to focus.

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