Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chicken lovers unite

I bought the variety pack from Murry McMurry. Most of the birds have made their way back to the hawks cages, but I kept a few.

My hens are mutt birds, but the Rooster should be a pure bred.

Anyone know what kind it is????


The Beneficial Bee said...

Not sure! What kind is he? Just wondering, why should the rooster be pure? We are thinking about eating/giving away our pure Plymouth Rock and keeping our new mutt rooster because our Plymouth is so mean. Is that just for breeding purposes? Thanks, Jess

Doug said...

I really don't know what kind he is. He is a pretty mellow guy and he doesn't terrorize the hens as much as the other roosters we had did. Those roosters ended up going to the hawks.

There is no particular reason he has to be pure - I assumed the Mcmurray sent us a purebred.

I used to have Plymouth rock hens - they were good layers. My mutt hens have just started laying this month - we'll see how it goes.