Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The nest

I like to hope that the magic is beginning. The hawks are fat, their crops have been full for days and days. Food lay on the floor of their weathering areas, picked at in spurts. They are full. The birds stand close to each other on their perches.

I haven't seen any actual copulation happening, but I haven't been out there to observe very much. Busy, busy, busy.

But I know the timing is about right. In the last week I have been witness to at least three pairs of hawks in the baby making process. Red tails, kestrels, and a pair of red shoulders. I wasn't even consciously looking for them.

As I took these pictures in the backyard, a crow flew in, landed on a branch overhead, snipped off a twig, then flew deeper into the woods, surely delivering it to his nest.

But, Tess is trying out the nest. She'll hop up to it and ease herself into the bowl, shifting her position. She stands up, moves to this side, and turning slightly, before lowering herself down again.

She doesn't stay there long. Sometimes, Gonzo will come over and sit close to the nest. Then they will both hop over to a nearby perch.

I'll be watching them more closely in the coming days.

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