Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Newest accessory

This is a great article from over at Falconer on the Edge. apparently, the newest thing is to have a barn owl (Tyto alba) at your wedding deliver the rings to the groom. I have always thought barn owls were one of the coolest owls out there. I have never had one. Nor do I know much about their temperament. I understand that some falconers have used them to hunt small birds and rodents off the fist.


Isaac said...

Apparently they're pretty smart too. At a Skytrials I went to in Japan they had one that would play rock, paper, siccors with you. There were three perches labeled rock, paper, and siccors, and the bird would fly to whichever one beat you! Fun stuff.

Doug said...

See, that's just cool. Thanks for the input Isaac.