Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Crows in the Trees

When I got home from work this afternoon, there was a ruckus in the trees near the hawks cage. The birds have been fat, their crops full. I hope that the birds were okay.

I rounded the corner of the shed and verified that the hawks were fine.
Blue Jays were calling back and forth and I could see them swarming around the top of a live oak.

Two crows swooped in and circled the center of the commotion. It looked like the crows were possibly raiding the jays nest.

I moved closer to get a picture, but the birds were obviously more afraid of me than of each other and fell silent.

The crows secreted themselves away, weaving low through the trees. One of the jays giving a final kak as he gave a brief chase.

I know that there is a crows nest some where back in the woods. I would love to find out where it is.

Crows are cool creatures. They are right there at the top of the list for intelligent creatures. They have been observed using tools, they are believed to have a culture of sorts, as well as their own language, that goes beyond simple vocalizations.

Keep an eye on your local crows. There are myriads of stories of people who have raised orphaned crows to become cool pets. I never have, but would love to try. Unfortunately, in the U.S. this is an illegal endeavor.

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