Friday, September 4, 2009

The Devil visits once agian

The never ending feud continues. I walked out to the pigeon cage the other day and found feathers everywhere. In one corner of the cage, a single pigeon leg hung from the bars, attached to the cage with only sinew.

Blood and gore were strewn about. One of the pigeons was gone. No way for the raccoon to enter, he must have been able to catch a hold of a pigeons leg and pull him through the bars in pieces.

He was still there, the pigeon. He had been pulled to pieces, limb from limb. His body was long dead and cast into a corner near the cage. Killed for no reason, his body left uneaten.

There was no doubt what had committed the dastardly deed. So I moved my trap. The one that had been untouched for weeks.

Lo and behold, a particularly feisty racoons was banging back and forth inside the next morning.

I hate these things.


PBurns said...

Timoe for the Kill Devil terrier!


Doug said...

It is about time. I need to get up there and take him hunting again. I don't know when it will happen ( I should have done it this weekend).

Let me think on it.

Albert A Rasch said...

Damned raccoons are just a destructive pest around poultry holdings. I hate them with a passion when they're near the pens. The only way is to have a super secure pen, and roosts for the birds that are at least 16 inches from any edge.

Best regards,
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
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