Monday, May 10, 2010

The hat makes the difference

The bees have been busy and it was long over time to put a new super on. I had gotten my bee keepers coat and hat in the mail just the other day (thanks ebay) and was now ready to try it again. I have to say, I was much calmer wearing the right equipment.

My son manned the smoker.

We opened the hive and checked the combs.

To my untrained eye, everything looked good. The bees had been working hard and there was activity on every comb that I looked at.

I'm not sure if we will get honey this fall - but these bees are looking really good to me.

We added the new super and closed up the hive.

Mission accomplished. I stayed cool as a cucumber.

Luke says A- O.K.


steveo_uk said...

wow your doing pretty well if your putting on another super allready. Think this year is going to be a good honey year !

Doug said...

Every frame that I looked at looked full! I don't have ANY experience here - but I hope you are right.