Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kill them all

There is a lot of information out there on pure bred dogs and closed registry systems. Terrierman writes about the evils of closed registry a lot. There has also been a lot in the news lately about dangerous breeds.

usually they mean pit bulls, rottweilers, and the like. I don't claim to be an expert on dog breeds and which are dangerous and which are not. there have been calls for "breed bans" to keep certian dogs out of the hands of people that want to own them.

There is also a lot out there about kill rates and dog shelters. PeTA is famous for the high percentages of animals that die in their shelters. Then there is the other side of the spectrum and the "no kill" shelter.

Denmark has a new idea.

Ban the pests and kill the rest. under consideration is the ban of some breeds and the disposal of the mongrels.

all cross-breeds should be killed. An estimated 40,000 mongrels are born in Denmark each year and a general cull would sentence to death hundreds of thousands of animals.

I suppose there is no hope for the personal responsibly of owners. I keep hoping that people will pop up and try to do the right thing for their charges - but maybe that is too much to ask.

Hat tip to Querencia for this article. Read it for yourself. Interesting stuff.


Murphyfish said...

Hi Doug,
I'm afraid that my comment became a rant which I've now turned into a post on my own blog. Excellent piece, and thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Doug said...

Hey John,

I couldn't agree more with what you wrote. Misinformation and ignorance way too often shape public perception and policy. Thanks commenting.

Diane-Sage said...

Found your blog from MurphyFish and agree with the comment made. Thank you for this post that all need to read.

Doug said...

Thanks for stopping by. People need to stay informed.