Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bird Update

It has been seven days. The merlin has been held back due to the reluctant falconer. And a scale gone bad.

Things had been going swimmingly. I admit, these little falcons make me nervous. With their exacting weight management, and skittish nature. But the merlin has been patient.

She spent the day weekend with me and the family at a soccer tournament. She watched the game from the sidelines, sat with the family on the lawn during lunch, a stray dog only steps away, and then came and hung out in a classroom full of spastic 10 year olds all day.

Unhooded. (did I hear a gasp?)

I decided to name her Jocelyn just today. No other name has inspired me. And I am of the belief that falcons need to have traditional names (falcons and owls that is). My kestrels were Romeo and Ulrich.

Anyway - tonight she made the leap.

Her weight was about 165 grams ( I say about cause my scale is doing funny things). She first stepped to the fist for a chicken leg (shoot I'd jump to the fist for a chicken leg).

Then, she hopped. And hopped again. Before it was all over, she'd jumped a dozen times,the last few were over five feet.

All with impeccable grace and poise. Well done Jocelyn.

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