Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Can't see for the trees

I took both Tess and Gonzo out Saturday.

It was a great morning for hunting. Cool and still with just a bit of mist rising. The temperature rose quickly though and I found myself shedding layers in short order.

No problem putting the two of them back together. They started off following well, doing their old leapfrog.

Right off the bat, Tess attacked a squirrels leaf nest. I don't know if she saw something move in there, or she just was hoping. Either way, I like that she does that. It will often pay off,just not when the temperature is this warm.

They worked a squirrel in short order, but the cover and vine tangles were to thick and they lost it. During the chase we popped another one from its hiding spot and started following that one.

Up, down and around a stand of pines surrounded by hardwoods.

The squirrel ran the two hawks ragged, but they wouldn't give up.

Finally, Tess scraped it off the side of the pine, tumbling to the ground. Gonzo landed nearby waiting for his bit.

Both birds traded off and we went to look for more.

We chased a few, but soon lost them in the cover.

Last year we didn't have our first squirrel until Oct 29. We've already gotten two this year. Time for me to start thinking about our goal.

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