Saturday, October 16, 2010

moving outside

Training has been pretty predictable thus far.
The little Merlin has been flying to me indoors for a few days. Over ten feet on a dragged creance.

I've had Jocelyn in and out of my classroom full of spastic ten year olds about every other day. As of Thursday, she was flying across the room with the kids in there. I admit, the kids thought it was pretty cool.

And it was.

She is so used to people she didn't even flinch.

So yesterday, we took it outside. Half a dozen flight to the fist. 3 feet, 5 feet 10 feet, and all of them went well, until a gust of wind hit her broadside. The creance brought her to the ground where she sat and looked at me.

Eventually, she hopped, flew, back to me and ate the chick on the ground as I sat next to her. I fed her a few tidbits, and watched her freeze as the cat sauntered past. She waited, while the cat settled herself under a nearby car, then Jocelyn started to pick at the chicken again.

I picked her up, and took her inside. Overall, a good day.

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Isaac said...

Not long now! Man, what I wouldn't give to fly a merlin...