Saturday, October 23, 2010

Opening day

Monday was the first day of squirrel season, but it is still too hot to hunt. Early season squirrel hunting is tough.

I took out Tess by herself.

The plan was to take her out into the woods and get her to follow. But as I waded into the woods, I knew it wasn't going to work. The cobwebs broke across my face and mosquitoes buzzed around my head. The canopy was thick with leaves. Autumn was still a long time coming.

It was after work and the temperature was hovering in the low 70s. Too hot.

The ground cover was so thick you couldn't see the pine needles on the forest floor.

I waded back out and upgraded my plan. I was going to walk along the edge of the woods while calling Tess to and from my fist. I just wanted to get her out and remember what we were doing. Additionally, I knew she was out of shape, so this was an opportunity to get her moving.

It didn't last long.

I meandered along the edge of the wood about ten feet, then Tess bolted towards the interior. I ran to follow. I couldn't see anything due to the leaf cover. Bells rang, silence. The hawk would move - though I couldn't see her, I could hear her.

Then leaves and bark would fall into my eyes and more furious bell ringing.

Then Tess came tumbling from the tree, squirrel in her talons.

Here's to number one.

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