Friday, January 2, 2009

Battle Talon

Tess had an accident the other day. We were out hunting and a squirrel nipped off the end of her talon. It freaked me out at first, since it bled a whole lot. We get squirrel bites, but this one seemed worse than others.

I looked on the web to see what others had done in this situation, and I also called my friend Chris for some advice.

I wanted to keep hunting this season. We are having one of my best squirrel seasons ever, and I hated to end it early. I decided to create a prostetic talon based on a design I found online.

The first one I had made by a guy that works at the local hardware store. That one stayed on attached about a month, but when it came off, I created another myself. It's not as pretty as the first one, but it sems to fit a bit better. I'm hoping that this one will last until hunting season is over and I put the birds up for breeding.

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