Saturday, January 3, 2009

Well, our hawking weekend is drawing to a close. I like to think that everyone had a good time. It ended up as Chris, Andrew, Mark, and myself with a guest appearence from my 9 year old boy. He loves to tromp through the woods.

We hunted all day both Friday and saturday with two red tails and my Harris' hawks. The harris performed in their excellent fashion, though Tess' battle talon didn't hold up like I'd hoped.

We had some great chases this morning as the cool morning dried the rain from last night. We were in a new spot and ended up taking 3 squirrels. There was almost a fourth, but we lost it after another great (and exhausting) chase through the tree tops.

After lunch, I had to leave the guys to their own devices and they had another few good chases while I was gone.

We ended up the weekend witha total of 5 squirrels, and more importantly, alot of laughs.

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