Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Pup

My wife decided that she wanted a puppy of her very own. Originally, she was going to help with the breeding of her fathers very small, miniature schnauzer. Her family has always kept schnauzers. We have one as well, sweet dog, but she has adopted me, and Traci wants her own.

But she wants a little dog that we can take with us wherever we go. The mating with her dad's dog didn't take, and the vet informed us that the dog was getting too old anyway. He told us we'd be better off looking into other options.

Traci was upset. She'd been counting on this puppy for close to a year now, and it wasn't going to be coming.

She started to research her alternatives. She was going to get one of those designer dogs. We went out to the breeder to see his dogs. The dog she thought she would like was ugly and scrawny.

She decided instead on another of the breeders dogs.

A little yorkie.

I've gotta admit, he's cute.

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