Saturday, January 17, 2009

Losing pigeons

I got back from hunting today and had to clean house. I spent the afternoon inside, doing what I had to do, and as the sun was slowly bleeding itself out of the sky, I decided to let the pigeons fly from my small coop while I fed the chickens and rabbits.

As I let the pigeons out, a feathered missle raced straight for my head. The pigeons scattered and I yelled, "what the ....!"
How'd the hawks get out?

But it wasn't my hawk. A passage coopers hawk landed in the tree not ten feet from where I was standing. It took another dive at the pigeons and zeroed in on one in particular, chasing it out of sight.

When I checked on my pigeons later, I was missing one.

I expect the coopers will be back. Too bad trapping season's over.

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