Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bird feeders

One of the things I like about this time of year is seeing the feeding that goes on in the backyard feeder. Often we see all different kinds of birds, with finches being the most common. Woodpeckers and Jays come in second (it's a tie).

I have to laugh at the squirrels that show up at my parents' feeder. They are fat and slow, but they understand how to infiltrate a feeder.

A big red tail showed up. He is a semi - regular to the feeder. I hear stories all the time about how hawks are being fed at people's bird feeders. This red tail is no exception.

Check out the feeder in this clip.


steveo_uk said...

nice coopers hawk in the clip

Doug said...

Yeah - he seems pretty determined. The RT my parents have has seemed to be thinning the squirrels from their backyard. They haven't seen any coopers there yet though.

HawkingRage said...

I wish that I had coops coming to my bird feeder. Maybe in the late summer towards Trapping would be nice too. Great video. Im digging adding video to my blog too.

Doug said...

I just figured video out about a month ago - it does add another dimension.

Thanks for the comment