Sunday, December 6, 2009

Predator is prey

Predation on raptors by other raptors is pretty common, one of the reasons you see hawks mantling on the ground over their food is to hide their catch from other bigger birds. My birds have been intimidated by other birds. Gonzo got knocked out of a tree last season by a bald eagle, though in the end, Gonzo got the best of the eagle. But that is another story.

Just the other day a first year harris flown by Chuck Butler was grabbed by a big momma red tail. It is a risk you take every time you have your birds in the field and you do everything you can to minimize that risk.

On Friday, when I was bringing the birds out of the woods later than I would have liked, the hoot of a nearby great horned owl really got my attention. Had we been in the woods much longer, I would have started to get really worried.

Check out this video of a red tail and a peregrine.


Isaac said...

Not that it matters, but I believe that blog belongs to a Colorado falconer, Chuck Butler, and the hawk was only bred by Lee.

But scary encounter indeed!

Doug said...

Let me check it and get that fixed. Thanks, Isaac.

HawkingRage said...

Yes the bird was Bred By Lee, Though im not sure what that matters in this blog. Lee did make a great bird. Yes Luscian was hit by a redtail last week but not grabbed, Thank God.

Doug said...

It sounds like you are having a good first season. How are you enjoying the harris?