Saturday, December 5, 2009

Good Read

Every once in a while you find a post somewhere that you weren't expecting, but really enjoy reading. This was one of those. Over at Born-to-track they write about some of the history of hunting and tracking dogs from the 17-1800's and their relationship with their particular hunter and game.

Browning described his preferences for deer and bear dogs in some detail. From the start he wanted big dogs that were strong and fast like Watch. At the end of his career Meshach seemed to have a pretty clear idea of how to breed what would be useful to him. He worked with variations of the bulldog/greyhound cross. "Take a half-blooded pup," he advised, "a cross between the bulldog and the greyhound...." He did not stick to a rigid formula....

It's a good read and really makes you think about what it must have been like. Take a minute and read the whole thing.

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