Sunday, December 6, 2009

A plea from American Falconry

I received this in an email the other day and it made me sad. There are too few magazines dedicated to our sport out there. If you are a falconer, or just interested in becoming one; subscribe! Read the whole letter.

November 29, 2009

You may have noticed Volume 52 of American Falconry magazine is behind schedule. After 14 years of bringing you American Falconry, I'm afraid we have some disturbing news. Our revenues have dropped by almost 50% this year. We have always enjoyed bringing the magazine to you, and while we are willing to continue working for no pay, we can't fund the printing cost out of our own pockets. The solution we have implemented is to delay printing issues until sufficient funds to pay for the printing and mailing are in hand. We are close to having enough for Volume 52 but still have a ways to go.

We intend to send you the same number of magazines you paid for. A one year subscription is four issues, even if it takes longer than a year to receive them. If you'd rather not wait so long for the next issue to come out, please talk to your buddies and get them to subscribe, or better yet buy them a gift subscription. You could even renew your subscription early. In the event that income doesn't improve, and we are forced to cease publication, we will fill the remainder of your subscription with back issues of your choice from available stocks. This decision will come early next year. The future of American Falconry magazine is truly in the readerships hands.

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