Saturday, January 2, 2010


I've spent the last two weeks in upstate New York visiting family for the holidays. Overall, it was quality time. I didn't get to fly the birds, and I have to be honest, I am eager to get back out there. I don't know how close their weights are to be ready for flying, but hopefully we'll be out there soon.

What time off from hunting did was give me time in the field with Gordon. He was aboe to prove himself as multi-talented while we were out.

I spent a good part of everyday mock hunting. My father would often tag along, and so would the kids.

It snowed almost every day, but that only made it more fun as we don't often get snow in our part of NC.

Early on, Gordon started flushing rabbits. He roamed back and forth around us, sniffing every nook and cranny. He likes to investigate holes, though he didn't find anything until the end of the week. The ground was frozen though and he couldn't get in. He did not want to leave it though.

He scrambled under briers and investigated holes in trees, and than, about midway through the break, he started treeing squirrels.

Yes, Yes, Yes,Yes!

He started to sniff them out and would bark treed. He started looking up, and finding them on the sides of the trunks... He would watch as the squirrels moved, and he would wait as I pulled on vines. I think he has it!

Now to get it so that Tess doesn't want to eat him....

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steveo_uk said...

i would be interested to see how you do this cause Zoie is the same way with Emma my Terrier, She does flys at her and has tagged her once