Sunday, January 3, 2010

weight control

I got the birds out today to weigh them and see how close we were to hunting weight after our little vacation. While I was gone, I had individually bagged each days food for the girl who takes care of the animals. I always err on the side of fatness when estimating their food intake, but I still overdid it.

The hawks are still fat.

Gonzo didn't even want to come down to the fist to get fed. When he is heavy, he likes to buzz my fist and try to grab food - this is what he did today. I didn't bother weighing him.

Tess came right down, as usual, and got weighed. Apparently, my digital scale doesn't like 20 degree temperatures and wasn't working, so I got out the old spring scale.

This scale I have had for some time and is not good for close weight management, but it works to give me a decent idea of where the bird is.

Tess weighed around 1100 grams. That means she needs to lose 150 - 200 grams to be ready to fly. She even looks embarrassed at being so fat!

We have a week of temperatures hovering around freezing, I am hoping that the birds will be ready for the weekend. Time to ration the food, and keep my fingers crossed.

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Isaac said...

Great pic! It does look like she's looking down at the scale saying, "Yup, I need to lose a few". Glad you're back and getting back into the routine. I have to leave my little guy for a week in February...not looking forward to it!