Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year


It has been exactly one year since I started this blog. I have ended up with a nice even 250 posts. I don't know how you measure success in the blogging world, but I am enjoying doing it, and I appreciate those of you that come and read.

Looking forward. I would like to end the season with over 30 head of game. For some of you that may not sound like much, but around here, that's doing pretty well. I'm already half way there with two more months to go.

I hope the hawks breed this year. They are both a bit on the young side - but this year I think (hope) we have a good chance.

I'm not much into resolutions - but I wish the best to those of you that are.
Happy New Year.


steveo_uk said...

Happy New year to you. It's been fun reading your blog and i look forward to this years adventures

Doug said...

Thanks Steve,

I'm looking forward to some more great stories from your camp as well!

HawkingRage said...

Doug, Ive come to watch for your blog as you really have the nack for coming up with good stuff and not just hunting. Kudos and Happy New year!

Here is to 31!

Doug said...

31 is my personal best for any season. I would love to get past that number. We'll just have to see. thanks for the kind words - happy new years to you!