Saturday, January 23, 2010

For Better or Worse

We live in a global age. That won't change anytime soon. The ability for people and goods to travel in a short period of time from one end of the globe to another will continue to effect the way in wich we all live.

Pythons in Florida is but one example. I have been reading the hype - every one is a giant killer that is after your children. I'm sorry I don't buy it. Are they out there - sure, but no one really knows their numbers. Could they kill a child - maybe, but only at their largest. Often their sizes and numbers are exaggerated by the news media. It is sensationalistic and sells papers.

There are others examples of species traveling to other parts of the globe. English sparrows, nutria various bugs and insects have all found their way to our shores in recent memory.

I found a new one in a story on Cool Green Science. A hippo was recently killed in Australia - but not any hippo - an extremely rare pygmy hippo, native to Africa.

I would love it if they began breeding in other parts of the planet. I often wonder what would happen if Harris Hawks were introduced to other parts of the country. Would they succeed?
Could the hippos? The Pythons?

Who knows. Chances are good though, as nature has a way of adapting. It is going to keep happening - for better or for worse.

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