Friday, May 15, 2009

Babies everywhere

Just an update on all the breeding going on here. The birds have been been very busy, but not the hawks.

We had another new hatch of pigeons. Only one of the eggs hatched, but this guy is growing fast. I still think pigeons are some of the ugliest babies around.

We've got baby chickens coming out our ears. Some were naturally hatched, others incubated. These guys were hatched by one of our half banties.

And then this little guy is hanging around near the cages.

I don't hold any animosity towards any snake, even black racers. They can be mean, but they are just doing what they do. I'll need to relocate this guy away from the chickens though.

I still have hope that the harris' will breed this year and I'll just have a later clutch. But it is getting late in the spring. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Maybe they'll have it together by the end of the weekend.

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