Sunday, May 3, 2009


I was given a plinker the other day. It's one of those guns that has been in the family for a while, and has been handed down to me so that I can work on my target shooting. I'm pleased with the gun. Let me remind you, I have never had a gun and know very little about them. It is a Smith and Wesson K22. It shoots .22 longs, and it's accuracy seems good.

Here is a bit that I have read about it.

..The K 22 was an immediate success with well-heeled sportsmen as well as police and military training programs. Supica –Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson records that an Army team took several K 22s to the 1932 Olympics providing an early launch into the mainstream target circuit. By 1940, shooters or agencies had bought 19,500 of the first model and a second model was in the catalogues as “A replica of that favorite, the .38 M&P Target Revolver” (Stoeger-Shooter’s Bible). By this time, it had become the K 22 ‘Masterpiece’ and was firmly identified with organized target shooting.

You can read the rest of the review here.

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