Monday, May 4, 2009

questioning Bees

I've always been fascinated by the prospect of beekeeping. I know virtually nothing about it, but the idea intrigues me. There are a number of bee keepers on the recommended reads to the right, and I have been following along. I understand the basic concept. I understand the need to feed, and winterize, tap and scrape - but I need a book.

There is beekeeping for dummies, which will probably work just fine for a beginner. But I never enjoy the writing in the Dummies books.

Some of my favorite falconry books are Bodio's books. Technically, they are not "how to" books, but I love them because the writing is so good.

Equinox, by Dan O'brien - is another great one. Just good writing about falconry.

And I can't forget Mullinex. He creates great imagery with his words.

Again, I realize that these aren't manuals on how to become a falconer, but I like how they write.

So here is today's question. If I could pick one good book - that is a pleasure to read - that can help me learn how to set up my first hive (maybe next summer, not this one). What would it be, and why?



Albert A Rasch said...

Google up Brother Adam Buckfast Abbey. And go here:


Click on the b&w pictures for classic books on be keeping.

Normally I would make better links but I'm a little short on time.

email me if you have questions, happy to help!

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Doug said...

Thanks Albert!

Good site, I'm still perusing it - lots of information.