Sunday, May 10, 2009


There are a million instances when falconers have the opportunity to present their sport in a positive light. One of the biggest obstacles facing all hunters is that their sport(s) is constantly being barraged by the anti hunting groups. How many are out their answering the call to speak positively about hunting?

Every fall you hear stories about this hunter, or that guy, that shot a cow, or a horse, or his neighbors window. You see it in the news every season. But how often does the public hear about conservation efforts by hunters? How often do Joe and Jane suburban hear about the positive sides of hunting?

One of the initiatives that The North Carolina Falconer's Guild has been pushing is education of the public. They have programs every year to educate hunters about falconry, as well as vet schools and other groups.

This is Bobby C. from Goldsboro with a group of vet students.

I am in a great situation, as I am familiar with the local elementary schools and I can get out there and educate the kids. The students in my own class get used to having hawks and falcons in the classroom.

But others don't have that opportunity, so I try to get out of my room and visit other schools at least once a year to educate the children about my birds and what I do, as well as what they can do to protect these important predators.

Here I am with a group of second graders showing chickens, pigeons, and hawks.

I don't know what you do. Maybe you hike, fish, camp. Maybe you hunt elk in the mountains of Wyoming with black powder. Whatever you do, you probably know more about the environment and the natural wonders that surround us than any of your local school teachers. Take a minute and volunteer your time to talk to them.

The kids will always love it, and you will be doing something positive for your sport.

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