Monday, May 25, 2009

Can't see the forest

Live oaks.

Pigs love them. They root around under the low slung branches, tearing up the earth, looking for acorns. Squirrels love them, and snakes.

They are cool looking trees. My kids love them as they are easy to climb, and you can never get too high. But they are a bear to hunt in. The canopy is so thick that the sunlight can't get through. This makes for easy walking, but the branches are low, so you always have to duck. The squirrels make the most of this environment. They run horizontally and vertically. They pop above the canopy, and then disappear below, like a fish jumping out of the water. The hawks have a heck of a time following as they can't sneak through the same holes as the squirrels.

But the chase is right there, right in your face as both predator and prey struggle through the low twisting branches. If the squirrel disappears in a nest, you can almost walk up the tree and poke him out, just watch your head.

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