Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Begging Pigeons

Baby pigeons can make a serious racket! This one is about a month old and just starting to grow into his feathers. He is an only child as egg #2 did not hatch. Now he spends his time begging to momma for food.

If mother doesn't comply, he will follow her around placing his face directly in her path. She won't gor far since she knows that he is hungry.

Finally the little bird corners the mom in a corner. She can't easily get away from her, and he wraps his wing around her shoulders to further keep her where he wants her. Then, she finally gives in to him.

She opens her mouth while he finally stops his screaming. he pushes his beak deep down her throat to receive his daily feed.

He reminds me of a little troll, taking his dinner from his mother.

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